★How to Apply LOCA Glue ★ Samsung Touch Glass Replacement Training ★ Lesson #5

[Samsung Touch Glass Replacement Training - For beginners]
How to Fix Broken Touch Screen Glass – How to Apply LOCA Glue
This video is about how to use UV / LOCA Glue in broken touch glass replacement.

Samsung Touch Glass Replacement Training Course Content

This course for beginners so i have made detailed video lectures. I have tried to show and describe everything related topic, No fast forwards,

Disassembly tools that are being used mostly for Smartphones.
How to disassemble Samsung Smartphones?
How to recycle touch glass from broken screens?
How to separate cracked touch glass from screen?
How to clean UV / LOCA glue after removing broken glass?
How to apply LOCA glue and fix new touch glass?
How to assemble Samsung Mobile Phone screen after replacing broken touch glass?

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Q- What is the LOCA means?
A- Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive

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Post time: 02-21-2018