1110 Vinyl Ester Resin

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Tough and Corrosion Resistant

Our #1110 Vinyl Ester resin is formulated for maximum corrosion resistance to most fuels, vapors, and both acidic and basic chemicals. It is also heat resistant and blended for toughness. These qualities make it perfect for repairing tank linings, blistering boat hulls, as well as fabricating tough all-around parts. The properties of this resin allow it to withstand impacts and repeated flexing without developing cracks.

#1110 has a low viscosity, making it perfect for resin infusion applications. It can also be used for hand lay-up or spray applications that require excellent corrosion resistance, impact strength, and tensile elongation.
Shelf Life Limited to 3 months. (Hetron 922)

This resin is formulated for 1.25% MEKP catalyzation. #1110 can be purchased alone or as part of a Resin and Hardener Kit.

1110/69-F kit contains (1) QUART RESIN, (1) 69-A.
1110/69-A kit contains (1) GAL RESIN, (2) 69-A.
1110/69-AK kit contains (4) GAL RESIN, (8) 69-A.

Post time: 08-25-2017