2-Bit Gaming – 022 – Sega Game Gear Repair (LCD Screen Fix)

A show that details many aspects of the video game industry. Episode 022 is a tutorial on how to fix a poor video quality on a Sega Game Gear caused by bad capacitors. It does take soldering skills so be warned. Here’s a PDF so you can print out the instructions: http://www.mediafire.com/?dudx5fzdgny

Watch all my 2-Bit episodes in Order: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D4F4FC7E5213A7B8

Disclaimer: By performing this repair you risk accidentally damaging your Sega Game Gear. I am not responsible for any damage you may inadvertently cause to your system. I do not guarantee that this repair will fix your console as there may be many causes of video failure. Soldering electronics is always a risky enterprise; if you dont have much experience doing it have a friend do it for you. Soldering irons are very hot and should be handled with extreme care. By continuing to watch this tutorial, you agree to do this repair at your own risk.

For this maintenance job, you will need:

1. Towl or Sheet so you dont scratch the Game Gears screen
1. Security Screwdriver
1.Philips Screwdriver
1. Bowl to collect loose screws
1. Pair of Pliers
1. Several (Microfarad) capacitors. I buy from www.mouser.com
A soldering iron & lead free solder with flux
Rubber gloves

Post time: 09-01-2017