2015-2017 Mustang EcoBoost JLT V3.0 Black Oil Separator Review & Install

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This JLT V3.0 Black Oil Separator collects crankcase exhaust vapor and puts it into the easily removable bottom, while allowing clean air to come into the intake! This easy to install oil separator uses a 1/2″ thick 1/16th” aluminum honeycomb filter with a mesh stainless steel screen to trap even more fine oil vapors to prevent them from gumming up your engine. http://muscle.am/2woHclx

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MPN# 3029D-B

Ensures Optimal Engine Performance.Made for all 2015-2017 Mustang EcoBoost models, the JLT V3 3.0 Oil Separator is an easy bolt-on modification that provides protection against the harmful effects of crankcase blowby and oil contamination. With the ignition of the air and fuel mixture inside of the combustion chamber of the engine, some of that mixture – known as blowby – will leak into the crankcase and settle into the intake manifold resulting in oil contamination and build up. An Oil Separator or Catch Can is designed to filter the blowby and oil mist, trapping the oil while ensuring the air and other gases continue through the intake and are eventually burned off, providing optimal engine performance.

Made in the USA.This JLT V3.0Separator is a single can design that is manufactured from a solid block of billet aluminium and finished with a black powdercoat for added corrosion resistance. Featuring a multi-stage filtering process, the ½” thick aluminium honeycomb filter and mesh stainless steel screen will trap even the finest of oil vapors and with the rubber o-ring design ensures this Separator is leak-free. Its large 3 oz. capacity prolongs the need for regular cleaning, though the removable bottom compartment of ensures it is a hassle-free cleaning process.

Plug and Play Installation. Sold as a complete kit that includes two PCV lines with stock-style disconnect fittings, the JLT V3.0 Oil Separator will easily install with some basic hand tools. Simple snap the two new PCV lines into place and mount the can with the included bracket. No cutting or modifications are required and this installation can be completed within approximately one hour.

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Post time: 09-26-2017