2017 YMJ High effective touch screen freezing glass lcd separator machine

YMJ Advantages
1.Quickly freeze & No harm to lcd
The temperature can arrive the minimum temperature:-160 degree in 35 minutes.
Ultra low temperature technology does not require liquid nitrogen.
Automatic temperature control wouldn’t hut lcd.
2.Rapidly separate & High effective
Only need around 1 min to freeze, then separate the glass and lcd easily.
Ultra thick sealing insulation material to keep constant temperature and rapid cooling without waste power.
3. Convenient & Safety
Universal sliding wheels is convenient for transportation and adjust to the height difference.
Safety circuit system,over heat protection,short circut protection, over current protection.
4. Batch separation & Large capacity
The freeze area can hold seravel phones or tablet together at the same time.
Batch separation helps you save more time.
5. Compatibility & Guarantee
Suitable for all tablets and touch screen smart phones, including ipad, iphone and samsung edge series.
12-month warranty, online technical support and free training in our factory.

Post time: 09-03-2017