3d Printed Surfboard – 2nd Lamination

1st lamination was accomplished by wetting out the fiberglass on a sheet of wallboard then draping it over the surfboard. See this video for rough idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgGjwmJnxmM
Since the board is hollow, the 1st lamination is not watertight and has many pinholes on the surface. So a traditional squeegee method would not work. I was introduced to this method of brushing on the epoxy by Sheldrake @ http://www.sheldrake.net/cardboards/ I had a lot of trouble using regular 2-part epoxy on the first board due to the fast curing times so in this attempt I’m using a UV Cure poly resin that allows me to use less resin and take my time.

Full project details are posted at http://hobbies.boguerat.com

Post time: 04-06-2017