4 Cheap Easy Game of Thrones DIY Halloween Party Craft Decorations 2018: Head in a jar, lanterns

Get inspired with these 4 easy, cheap DIY Game of Thrones Halloween Party decoration ideas!
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The black and white images and night King images were taken from Google.

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Host the coolest Game of Thrones party or halloween party by learning how to make:

- DIY paper halloween lanterns
- scary head in a bottle or jar (like the prank!)
- paper game of thrones dragons decor Drogo, Rhaegal and white walker dragon Viserion
- white walker night King mask halloween decoration

These would look awesome with other game of throne DIYs, for example DIY game of throne dragon eggs, diy iron throne phone charger, khaleesi necklace or any other costume tutorial!

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Post time: 09-25-2018