August 2017 $2911.73 – Affiliate Marketing Earnings & Income Break Down

Me and my wife spent almost 4 months learning how to do online affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate. It has been an amazing resource for us. If you are just wanting to check it out is free and there is a community of over 800,000 of us on there helping each other out learning how to do marketing. I learned how to do all my local seo for my cell phone repair shops that has allowed me to grow from a one man shop to over $780,000 in sales and expanded to 3 stores and 5 employees.

My wife learned how to expand her Young Living Essiential Oils business which now makes make over $4000 a month from home. If your wife is looking to make money from home have them sign-up under my wife and she will teach them everything she does.

From wealthy affiliate I too have learned how to expand my online business to $3700 profit as of last month. So if anything just check them out and if you don’t like what you see you can always close out the tab but I highly recommend just looking if over for 3 minutes its worth a look.

Post time: 10-27-2017