Automatic Fiber Placement High Rail Gantry Concave Part Layup

Automatic Fiber Placment High Rail Gantry Concave Part Layup

Automatic fiber placement of concave part. The machine is designed to layup every large structural component needed for a composite wide body aircraft.

The AFP gantry machine in this video has linear motors on the 3 primary axes (X,Y,Z). This machine is capable of very high accelerations and velocities. Each linear axis is currently capable of speeds in excess of 3000 in/min (76 meters/min). Making it fastest AFP machine in operation at this point in time.

We are uncertain of the ultimate operational velocity limitation at this point in time. The linear motors are capable of velocities up to 7100 in/min (180 Meter/Min). However; the layup velocities will be limited at some point by the critical speed of rolling elements inside the bearing cars.

The linear axis are only exceeded by the rotational axis with an inertia ratio of 0.5 the angular acceleration and velocities are also large. This is a requirement for laying up spars and C type section for fuselage frames. This also allows for very high accuracy in terms of responsiveness and adherence to surface normality during high-speed layup.

The machine shown here was only operational for a couple days before laying up this part thus it was restricted in speed and un-optimized off part motion which significantly
reduces our layup rate in the video. Even with those restrictions, we are confident that it put up layup rates far in access of any other system in existence. As the machine continues to be refined it capabilities will increase greatly.

This high rail gantry machine is capable of laying up fully supported spars of any length in addition to wing skins, composite ribs, fuselage skins, aircraft, or satellite or launch vehicle components. Automatic tape laying heads, ultrasonic cutting heads, mold release and laminate or lighting strike material heads can be used by the same machine via the Electroimpact modular head platform.

Post time: 08-20-2017