Automatic LCD oca glue remove machine for iPhone LCD refurbish

1 Product name TL-128 Fully automatic LCD oca glue remover machine
2 Working voltage 500W 220V
3 machine size 380*550*600mm
4 Temperature 50 Centigrade degrees constant
5 Working environment 20-23°C, clean, no dust
6 Suitable for Under 7 inch LCD touch screen glue remove
7 Compatible for For iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC smartphones
8 Auxiliary machines Air compressor, vacuum pum
9 Heating mode Constant temperature heating
10 Material Aluminium Alloy
11 warranty 1 year warranty Fully automatic LCD oca glue remover machine
12 Function remove oca uv glue
13 Advantage profeesional, very high efficiency,won’t damage LCD and polarizer
14 Technology support Educational Video Provided; manual and video call if need
15 Certification: CE Approved
16 Application Mobile Phone LCD Screen Refurbish
17 Inspection 100% Tested One by One, Visual inpection + Function inpsection
18 Pakaging Anti-static,anti-Shock Foam box + Hard Carton box + Wonden Package
19 Our customers Refurbishied factories, Wholesalers,Repair Centers, Online Retailers

Post time: 09-27-2018