C3 Corporation, Roll Coating Laminator

C3 Corporation, http://c3ingenuity.com, has a passion for technology to create innovative manufacturing solutions. The LCN1000 laminator features include:
•Manual plate loading via an infeed conveyor
•Recipe system for accurate product runs and easy system setup
•Laser measurement system for fine coater height adjustments
•Integrated manual assembly table
•Integrated product tamping station
•Simple stacking unit to place finished product in a stack
•AB CompactLogix control system
•Extensive safety system — life line, guard switches and E-stop pushbuttons
•Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
•Benefits – Low initial investment, Improved glue usage, Improved product throughput

Additional Features:
•Local Glue Tote Rack
•Automatic Glue Valve Control

Post time: 10-02-2017