Cargo Van Conversion | Installing Laminate Flooring (Timelapse)

• We decided on The 12mm laminate flooring for our cargo van conversion because it was easy to install, required no screws or glue, and it cost under 100 dollars.
• An even surface is needed for proper weight distribution on the flooring panels so we added a layer of wood fibre flooring underlay to compensate for height differences in our floor insulation.
We started the laminate installation behind the driver’s seat, working down towards the rear, then across the van by ‘clicking’ each piece in place.
• Due to the shape of the cargo van, laminate panels near the wheel well, the side door and the rear of the van needed to be custom cut.
• We first used paper to trace the angles of the cuts.
• We then traced this paper cut- out onto the laminate (using light pencil) and put tape down along these lines to protect the panel from being scratched.
• We used a jig saw with a 20 teeth per inch blade made specially for cutting laminate.
• We chose 12 mm laminate over 10mm (or smaller) to ensure that the flooring can support concentrated areas of weight over the van’s small surface area.
• One final piece of advice: because both sides of the laminate panel are different (which is what allows it to click itogether), double check that your previous and upcoming flooring pieces will click together before making your cuts.
• We hope this information was helpful!
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Post time: 05-03-2017