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The majority of sleep system manufacturers focus primarily on the development of new and advanced materials that are designed to improve the quality of sleep.

On the other hand, many doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other medical specialists have also conducted studies on human sleep.

Descansare Sleep Lab is the only company that combines the knowledge accumulated by both sleep system manufacturers and medical experts to develop an innovative sleep system that allows you to sleep better and recover you energy like never before.

Research into materials + medical research on human sleep = sleeps systems prescribed by medical experts

Descansare’s research project has resulted in:

Sleep systems that are fully customized to the anatomic characteristics of each individual.

Mattresses that can be modified throughout their life that adapt to our changing needs.

Sleep systems that help prevent or alleviate back problems, as well as improve the quality of your sleep.

A distribution system that offers you advise and monitoring by our medical experts.

Advanced technology products at affordable prices and widely available.

Post time: 08-09-2017