Cylinder Head & Gasket DIY Procedure – Toyota 5VZ-FE – Part 5

This 6 part series walks through the very detailed procedure for diagnosing and replacing a cracked cylinder head and head gasket on a 1995 Toyota Tacoma with the 3.4 liter 5VZ-FE V6 engine.

This engine was widely used by Toyota from the mid 1990′s through 2004 in the Tacoma, Tundra, T-100, 4Runner, and Land Cruiser. Therefore, this repair procedure should be common to all of those vehicles with the same engine.

Due to the detail presented in this video series, it is also a good reference for doing other repairs such as changing the antifreeze/coolant, timing belt, valve cover gaskets, camshafts, alternator, spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil packs, vacuum hoses, exhaust manifolds, belts, hoses, cooling fan, and various intake gaskets.

Part 1 – Diagnosis & Initial Disassembly

Part 2 – Intermediate Disassembly

Part 3 – Final Disassembly

Part 4 – Cylinder Head Removal, Inspection, & Replacement

Part 5 – Initial Reassembly

Part 6 – Final Reassembly & Wrap-up

Here is the tool review for the OTC Universal Pulley Holder that was used in this video series to tighten the camshaft pulley bolts and to install the service bolt in the exhaust camshafts.

Here is the my total cost breakdown…
$325.00 rebuilt cylinder head
$138.00 gasket set
$25.00 cylinder head bolts
$23.00 valve shims
$10.00 fuel injector electrical connector
$16.00 antifreeze

$537.00 Parts Total

$54.00 OTC universal pulley holder
$80.00 factory service manual
$7.00 oil can
$7.00 blow gun nozzle
$20.00 torque angle gauge (skip this and just make a mark on the bolt heads with a silver Sharpie)
$76.00 machinist’s steel straight edge
$34.00 valve adjusting tool

$278.00 Tools Total

$815.00 Grand Total
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With the right tools and some patience, it really is not a very difficult job.

Post time: 12-05-2017