DIY Dynamite and Ginger Ale – Henley’s 10,000 Formulas book review

Henley’s Formulas for Home and Workshop
Containing 10,000 Scientific Formulas, Trade secrets, Food, And Chemical Recipes And Money-saving Ideas.
I really enjoyed this book. It is a window on a time and place in America when many people were self-reliant and willing to tackle all sorts of DIY projects and made bold by all of the new technology that was coming onto the scene. I gained a lot of respect for my Grandfather and great grandfathers generation reading this book.
Many of the formulas and ideas are insufficient in detail to make them unless you had a lot of experience making similar items. Some of the concoctions formulas and ideas sound preposterous, but some are intriguing and make me want to try them. I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading this book and while it is not too helpful in many of the contraptions and formulas, giving you just enough information to get you in trouble, overall it is a delight being exposed to all of these long-forgotten potions, remedies,
and archaic ingredients. it is also fun to see how an earlier generation was just as interested in life hacks as we are today.
By the ay, I have looked up a few of the ingredients that were mystifying to me and was surprised to find that some of them are still in existence and being used just under a different name. For example, the Lunar caustic stick which was completely unknown to me is just another name for a Styptic pencil.

You can download a copy of the 1914 edition for free here at

I have started producing more household chemical formula videos and will be assembling a small lab and making more videos of a similar nature where I make simple household and personal solutions, compounds, salves, and potions. I think it is going to be fun, hope you stick around.

Don’t forget I have been making about a video a week on all sorts of topics for over ten years and have many interesting playlists and also feature some cool people on my channel you might like. You never know for sure what I will be doing.

Thanks for watching.

Robb Moffett
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