DIY Queen Size Bed Frame

Let me start off by saying that I just finished my oral surgery the day before this video was filmed. . . Bringing you content every week even when it hurts.

New Bed Video! I have redesigned this bed frame 100% better.

In this video you can fallow along as my girlfriend Ashley and I make a queen size bed frame. The materials that we use are:

One 12′ 2×6 — For the legs
Five 10′ 2×6 — For the slats and the Footer and header
Two 8′ 2×6 — Cut for the two side rails
Two 8′ 2×4 — One ripped in half for the slat supports and the other for the middle support
One 10′ 2×4 — Cut in half to make the slat support attached the the header and footer Nuts/bolts

The final cuts that you will need are:

Head and Foot Boards: 5′ — Cut one 10′ 2×6 board in half
Two Side Boards: 7′ — Cut two 8′ 2×6 to 7′
Eight leg sections: 18″ — Cut from the 12′ board
Eight Slats: 59-1/2″ — Cut four 8′ 2×6 in half
Two Side Slat Rails 76″ — Rip one 8′ 2×4 in half and cut to 76″
Two Head/Foot Slat Rails 53″ — Rip one 10′ 2×4 in half then cut to 53″
Middle Slat Rail: 81-1/2″ — Cut down an 8′ 2×4 to 81-1/2″


Sixteen 4″ long bolts 1/4″ size


At least twentieight 3″ wood screws

This was our first attempt at making a bed like this so please watch and learn with us and feel free to make changes to out design as you see fit.

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Post time: 04-23-2017