Double head motor stator stack prdduction lamination line

Third, the main technical parameters
1. External power supply: AC220V / 50Hz
   2. Control power: DC24V / 100W
3. Servo motor: AC220V / 1.5KW
4. Winding speed: 0-200 r / min
5. External supply air pressure: 0.6Mpa ~ 0.8Mpa
6. Dimension: About 480kg

Fourth, the structure:
Automotive generator stator winding machine from the fuselage, base, winding mold, transmission, electrical control system.
1. Fuselage: 20mm thick steel plate after finishing by stitching to ensure that the mechanical strength, steel surface after the rust treatment black.
2. Base: the use of box-type structure, bending from the cold-rolled plate made of the surface using spray coating process. Four feet and equipped with a seat for adjusting the balance of equipment
3. Winding mold: the use of domestic and foreign mainstream punching mold belt with a rotating structure, the outer diameter of the use of clamping wheel, the structure of high efficiency, dimensional control and stability, the winding mold after heat treatment and a few finishing Into, to ensure the durability of the mold and high precision.
4. Transmission: by the speed motor through the gearbox to drive the mold rotation.
Electrical control system. Control system: PLC programmable controller, LCD text display as the main control unit, the program controls the automatic winding process. Independent adjustment circuit, with “adjustment / automatic” function: adjust the state can be winding speed, winding length and other process parameters of the adjustment settings. The automatic state can realize the automatic control of the whole process of winding. The circuit has short circuit protection function and the armature voltage is stable, which is not affected by the voltage fluctuation of the power supply and keep the rotation speed stable.
Five: operating procedures
1. Debug setting: adjust the winding length, speed, diameter size and other winding process parameters, and PLC text display on the input of the relevant automatic operating parameters
2. Automatic operation: manual to bring the ribbon into the mold
             Press the start button winding machine to press the set length
             After the winding is completed, the product is automatically cut and removed, and the next automatic program is started.
Six: after-sales service:
1, the equipment one year free warranty, life-long maintenance.
2, the software free upgrade

Post time: 01-12-2018