Dry Film Roll Laminator Model 305 | Fortex

Dry Film Laminator Model 305 is a production grade laminating machine and has being engineered for the simultaneous Double or single sided lamination of all types of Photo polymer dry film photo resists to the clean surfaces of a large range of substrate materials that are used in Photo chemical metal etching including PCB copper laminates, flexible laminates, Flexible heaters, Ceramic Wafers, stainless steel, Brass, glass, Silver etc. The GX12 Dry Film roll Laminators are widely used in both small and large industrial plants as well as for research and development facilities and Colleges and Universities.

Purchase here: http://www.fortex.co.uk/product/photopolymer-dry-film-laminator/


Video created by Brockle Design – https://goo.gl/0DE6J7

Post time: 12-28-2017