DUST MACHINE / Newest By Makartt – STOP The Dust ! — Passing

Nail dust . Stop the nail dust . Nail dust machine . Dust collector . New dust machine . Newest of new dust machine . Makartts newest dust machine . In this video I review the newest of new dust machine from the Makartt company . You must see this demo . Huh , I even impressed myself ! Yeah , I was impressed .
**Do take into consideration that the camera is right next to the machine . Really close . So it will sound a lot louder .
Not too long ago I did a review on a dust machine that I bought myself for over 130.00 off of a person from Japan on Instagram and it looked a bit like this one . Needless to say , it was a total failure ..and epic flop . I did get my money back . I did a review on that one . So , I was really thinking that this machine was going to be the same as that one . Boy was I in for a shock . It is not the same at all . This machine is 100 % better than that other one . You have to watch this and see my demo … It will impress you too . Thank you all for watching and for your continued support . Thank you Makartt for providing this dust machine for review .

Dust Machine


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Post time: 11-18-2018