Fiberglass Rollers & Squeegees

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Taking the simplest measures with the simplest tools can mean the difference between a good composite and a high-performance, top-quality part.

Rollers and Squeegees help to ensure that resin has been thoroughly and evenly distributed within a lamination, further improving your fiber-to-resin ratio and improving strength properties. As they are pushed along the surface of your wet lay-up, they help to:

Saturate fabric, pushing resin into reinforcement and dry areas that might result in weakness for finished parts
Eliminate air pockets trapped between layers of reinforcement or within the weave of fabric, which can also result in weakness
Push excess resin out of the lamination, preventing brittleness in a finished part
Don’t forget these critical supplies for your lay-up—and take the time to determine which is best suited for working with your choice of reinforcement.

Post time: 10-09-2018