Galaxy S3 Screen Replacement – Frame Change

In this video tutorial you will learn how to replace the screen assembly on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Most likely you will need to transfer the frame from your original screen and install it on your new replacement screen, this video shows you exactly how to swap this frame.

Click the link below to order a new S3 Screen Replacement:

For LCD screen assembly:

Disassembly Video –

It is worth paying a little extra for one that comes with the frame(housing) as you will not need to perform all this work and will have a nice new frame/bezel with the new screen.
Same procedure for i9300 T999 i747 i535 L710

00:45 Screen Test
02:16 Remove all parts
05:04 Heat up your screen (not too hot or it will melt the plastic bezel)
07:20 Glass lifting (glass screen only? See notes below)
19:36 Cleaning up
22:40 Home Key/Switch Removal
26:39 Home Key/Switch Replacement
27:51 New Screen Placement
29:35 Heat Transfer Gasket

Q: Can I just replace the glass screen as its only $20?
A:Replacing the ‘glass screen only’ can a bit tricky. There are plenty of videos showing how, but the results are varied. Unless you use ‘optical adhesive’ and a vacuum chamber its not going to be a 100% repair. If you are happy to have an ‘air gap’ between the screens (which gives an ‘oil slick’ affect when you press down) then a glass only repair is fine.

Q: Can I replace the home/touch keys or silver frame/bezel around the screen?
A:its a bit tricky trying to remove a good working screen from the frame. Search for ‘separating screen from front frame on s4′ to see how it can be done.

DIY Repairs will void any warranty but may save you £$

This is how I removed the damaged screen from the metal frame. You could save time by using brute force but you might damage the frame or not be able to re use the black adhesive at the top

I’ve had a few people contact me about a new screen they bought online; if the silver touch keys are missing then you’ll either have to ask for a replacement or try and move your old touch keys over to your new screen. I’ve noticed these eBay sellers are not showing a rear picture of the screen.

High resolution scans:
Mainboard & Parts 3Mb
Antenna Connections 1Mb
Screen Back 3Mb

Shot up close with a Panasonic HDC-SD700

Links referencing parts in this description provide me credit. Thanks for your support :-)

Post time: 09-13-2017