HD Trommel Screens – Heavy Duty 500ftph Rock Trommel Rotary Screen

HD TROMMEL SCREENS, LLC has established itself as the primary supplier of Heavy Duty Rock Trommel Screens. Specialization has been the key to HD Trommels Screens success in every aspect of technology, design, manufacture, sales and customer support which all play a major part in the type of Trommel Screen we supply to our customers.
We have Trommel Screens located around the world running different applications from full material cleanup to rip rap sizing, with Trommel plants located on the top of mountains to 70ft underground.

We can supply free standing Trommel Screens ranging from 500 feed tons per hour (ftph) to 1000ftph or road legal within the USA Mobile Trommel Screens rated up to 500ftph.

Heavy Duty Trommel Screens are the alternative to flat deck and grizzly type screening plants. The Trommel design is flexible and can be adapted to suit the ever changing demands that the quarry and mining industries expect from this type of screening plant.
Don’t let those piles of waste material sit there on your job site, with a Heavy Duty Trommel Screen you can pull all the hidden profits from those waste piles.

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Our Trommel Screens are built to customer specifications, allowing the customer to choose what size of rock they want in each load out bay. This allows the quarry/mine to handle the material the least amount of times before it is sold.
For example, in this video:
* The material being screened is as-dug.
* The first and second sections of the drum is a fines material that is being transferred to a deck screener.
* The second section is transported to a crusher.
* The third section stock piled and sold as is.
* The discharge end (oversize material that falls out the end of the drum) is also stock piled and sold as is.

Post time: 09-04-2018