High efficiency lcd freezing separator machine lcd freezer for mobile phone lcd screen replacement

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Efficiency: 30 seconds for one batch
Weigh: 175kgs

The reason why bubble appear again after laminating:
1. pls choose good quality Mitsubishi OCA instead of bad quality;
2. the temperature should be controlled under 35℃, or when turns to normal temperature, the Solubility of Air will reduce which will cause bubble again;
3. no dust and no bubble when laminating OCA;
4. over pressure or long time operation also will cause bubble, as under high pressure, wrong operation may forcibly remove the bubble which may appear again when back to normal pressure;
5. delay too long time to remove bubble after laminating;
6. Another reason is temperature difference: It is very cold in some countries in winter and there exists large temperature difference after taking out of bubble remover (the temperature in bubble remover is much higher than outside).

Post time: 04-30-2017