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CEL: 9391144055, పేపర్ ప్లేట్ మేకింగ్ మెషిన్,Paper plate making machine, paper Cup making machine, Fully Automatic paper plate & Dona cup making machine manufacturers Sale & suppliers, Hyderabad.Telangana,Andra Pradesh, States.India

• Semi Automatic Hydraulic single die paper plate plates making machine,
• Semi Automatic Hydraulic Double die paper plate making Machine
• Fully Automatic paper plate making machine (Singel,Doubel die,dai,dye)
• BUFFET PAPER PLATE – Automatic paper plate making machine –
• Corrugation & Lamination pasting (Raw material paper plates ) machines
• Paper cup making machine
• All type of Paper plate Raw material suppliers LIST. (Meals, Sitting Buffet sheets)

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CEL: 9391144055,
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