How China Factory Make Produce Manufacture iphone Lcd Screen Assembly ?

KSL Electronic is a leading company of mobile Phone Lcd Repair machine supplier, we devote to make the mobile phone repair simple and sense.
we provide a wide range of repair device and material consumable product for mobile phone Repair Industry.
1. Lcd repair machine( separator, glue remover, lamination machine etc)
2. Digital microscope( USB microscope, Monocular microscope, binocular microscope etc)
3. repair iphone and samsung glass lens, Oca, polarizer, Frame. and also all in one glass for iphone (
4.all kinds of lcd screen align mold( edge, universal, mat, lamination and separator mold)
5. lcd screen display
6. consumable like 530, 8333, 8222, 699 etc
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Post time: 01-24-2018