How to destroy documents without a paper shredder. Embassy recommended.

Say good bye to your documents! DO NOT BUY A SHREDDER! Eventually will break out and you will have to buy another shredder. No good. Planned obsolescence!
Every diplomat need to see this video: EMBASSY UNDER ATTACK! NEED TO DESTROY DOCUMENTS FAST! SLOW SHREDDER? SAVE YOUR COUNTRY… WATCH THIS VIDEO. The janitor may know where the bleach is. No drill and paint turbine? No problem… use a broom stick!
Trust me! Your confetti machine will break in no time and you will have to buy another one again. Here a simple method to destroy sensitive paper documents. No matter how many you have, make pulp out of them. Yes! Make a vat of puree out of your most sensitive documentation. This will be safer than long strips that can be reattached with scotch tape like a puzzle. This method requires little effort it can be done faster than a shredder and will render all documents completely pulverized to every cellulose strand.
Destroy your unwanted paper documents the easy way without fire, scissors or shredders. Protect your identity, do not let crooks steal vital information.. Are you ready to destroy 10 years of receipts in boxes? Super old medical records? It’s your responsibility to protect your bank account, your identity, your privacy. Shredders… always jamming if you add more than 7 pages together…
I have purchased over the years over 6 shredders… high end stuff at office supply stores, paying more than $350 dollars each, plus the super expensive shredder oil that require the blades to be maintain. This were not cheap shredders but cross cut paper devices.Time and time again the shredder blades jammed destroying itself. Every year was another $350 bucks! Extended warranty? forget it, it always expires 3 days later. The last shredder I have purchased was brand new and defective from factory! talking about QC (Quality Control) I think I got a refurbished one and paid for “A” stock merchandise.
The office Supply store will not take it back so here I am fuming, at a loss of 350$ bucks and now I have to wait 3 weeks to send back the machine to the manufacturer for a replacement. This 3 weeks gave me the time to chill out and find a way to destroy paper documents in other ways but a noise shredder.Finally I experimented different ways to destroy documents and sensitive papers like, unsolicited credit card applications, junk mail, old tax records, bank statements, very old bills, expired medical records and even ex girlfriends love letters. I experimented with fire and a Mexican patio “chimenea” and it was dangerous. Fire creates tons of ashes, some paper smell bad when in flames. My neighbors deserve flower smells not credit card application papers that stinks and produce toxic smoke and green flames. Papers when burned can create the potential for an accidental spark to go the wrong way and then you will be destroying more than a bunch of sensitive documents.DO NOT BURN YOUR DOCUMENTATION. YOU MAY START AN ACCIDENTAL FIRE. Have try ripping lots of paper with my bare hands or cutting them with scissors… it toked for ever and it did deliver a good amount of blisters in my sore hands… I experimented different ways to destroy documents with water but after a while decomposed paper smell bad. I have tried the old paper mache formula with vinegar, salt and water with poor results too. Finally I found the perfect ratio of regular bleach with water. It was a great solution to my unwanted documentation problems. With the aid of my old electrical drill and a paint turbine mixer from a hardware store I was able to destroy very easily any paper document. The paint mixer attachment cost less than 10 bucks! And the best part was I could destroy a big batch of documents, papers, and any type of cellulose thing! Even a bulky phone book! You know… time is valuable, when you shred documents with a chop chop machine after 25 shreddings it overheats and quits working. Yes! you do not know when that creepy red light will lit and it’s over now you have to wait 45 minutes for the blades to cool down so your flow of work gets interrupted. Then oil the machine and drips everywhere.
See my video and learn the easy way how to eliminate old documents to the point of absolute total obliteration. “Don’t shred, Just blend”

Always remember, read precautions on handling bleach from your bottle label. Unless you understand that water and electricity NEVER MIX you should not use this method.

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