How To Fix Home Button Finger Function For Iphone 7 and Iphone 8

KSL Electronic is a leading company of mobile Phone Lcd & Lcd Repair machine supplier, we devote to make the mobile phone repair simple and sense.
There is the Ic defined as U10, it’s easy to damage and make the button loose the finger function problem, so this video show how to fix it .
Below is the tools and device that use in the video:
1.metal repair mat desk
2. Rubber anti fire and temperature memory mat
3. Trinocular 7-45X microscope with digital compatibility
4. 14.0MP 60FPS HDMI camera with usb and HDMI connector
5. 8 inch HD lcd display
A. Temperature controllable soldering iron
B. home button finger base ( the specail one in this video)
make your repair process originated and desk clean & originated
this video mainly show you how to repair the default function iPhone 7 home button.
In many case, the home button loose function because o the U10 ic, so this video teach you how to repair it.
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Post time: 12-08-2017