How To Make Your Own Skateboard From Scratch

GC Productions presents its new segment Hammered and Screwed. In this episode we show how to build your own skateboard using tools from your own house and a small amount of money for wood. Song is Coastin by Zion i
Q:Can you build me a board?
A: No, I don’t have the press anymore.
Q: Can you make a video of you skating this?
A: No I don’t have anymore boards left.
Q: How do you make the press?
A :Make it a little longer than the length of the board, litttle wider than the width of the board and the height o 3 decks and a jack.
Q: You stole hammered and screwed from built to shred.
A: Who cares.
Q: How come your boards look like they have no pop?
A: In this video we used crappy wood veneer that didn’t bend like the others we made. If you buy good quality veneer like maple or bamboo it will flex more although it will cost more.
Did it really cost $15?
Yes because I had all the tools except for wood veneer and glue. I found the 2×4′s in the dumpster and had all the screws and saws already.
Q:Where do you get wood veneer?
A: Wood veneer is pretty much wood flooring so we got ours from a wood veneer store.
Q: Those boards suck, they’re like walmart boards, I wouldn’t buy that.
A: We made this batch of boards with crap wood veneer which is why they look bad. This video was made to show how to do it not to show off what we made. If you use the right wood then the boards will come out good. This is about the fun of making it not going to a store to buy it. Of course thats easier.

Post time: 08-19-2017