How to : Paint Stripping with Hot Air Gun, Heat Gun

Video on How to : Paint Stripping with Heat Gun. Ideal for Wooden Surfaces, Varnish and Lacquer removal, Wall Putty drying, plaster removal & wall paper removal.

Preparing the Hot Air Gun and Accessories – 00:31
Actual Procedure – 00:48

This is an excellent training video with a Demo on paint removal, paint burning and scraping by “Steinel” experts using an electronic hot air gun along with a a paint scraper. Suitable for wooden surfaces on a boat, staircase, cupboards, shelves, drawers, doors and windows.

Learn some tips & tricks for paint scraping, stripping and quick removal of stubborn paint on different surfaces.

Procedure : Paint stripping from wood or any surface is best done by a Steinel Hot Air Gun. The Paint is softened with hot air gun held at a distance of approx. 2 m from the surface and immediately scraped off with filling knife or paint scraper. Attaching a surface nozzle to the hot air gun facilitates this process on large area surfaces.

“Thermal stripping” is one of the most environmentally friendly and health-conscious methods of removing old coats of paint. Section by section, the paint is heated using a surface nozzle and can then be lifted off with paint scraper. The temperature or duration of heating must be selected so should always be at hand when old paint or lacquer is removed with heat.


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