How To Refurbish Repair Samsung S8 OLED Edge Lcd Screen S6 ? Full process

KSL Electronic is a leading company of mobile Phone Lcd Repair machine supplier, we devote to make the mobile phone repair simple and sense.
We use the defect lcd screen in this teaching video so that can make sure the process is correct and true and convinced.
the lcd have vertical and level lines at the left bottom corner and black points. and we keep test it after every process.
the machine and device used in this video:
build in vacuum pump separator & separator mold
KSL699 glue remover
oca hand rollers. , edge align mold, lamination mold
the most important , update AK pro-1 lamination and bubble remover machine

if you need any help, please kindly contact jack +86 15815892321 for help

Post time: 11-11-2017