HUAWEI P9 Plus Broken Glass Screen Repair

HUAWEI, one of the most popular Chinese smartphone brand, has also impressed users all around the world with it’s 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display. However, it is a real pity if this screen got stuck by a broken glass lens. That’s why REWA put up with this LCD refurbishing tutorial for HUAWEI P9 Plus broken screen glass only repair. Hope we can enlighten you somehow.

Product Links:
Huawei P9 Plus POL Film:
Huawei P9 Plus OCA GLue:
Huawei P9 Plus Glass Lens:
Alignment Mold for Huawei P9 Plus:
Huawei P9 Plus LCD Digitizer Assembly:

Tools & Machines Used:
Bubble Removing Autoclave:
3 in 1 A-frame separator machine:
Glue/POL Film Removing Machine:
Glass Laminating Machine:
Gold LCD Cutting Wire:
Anti-static glass wiper:
Anti-static rubber mat:

Post time: 04-13-2017