ILIFE V7S Pro vs V5 Pro Cleaning Test

In this video I compare the features of the V7S Pro and V5 Pro – what the differences are and a cleaning test comparing how this two will differ in terms of navigation and efficiency.

The V7S Pro is the latest robotic vacuum of ILIFE and an upgraded version of the V7S that now has an improved water tank.

V7S Pro review:

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My observations: The results are a bit surprising for me because the V5 Pro was the more efficient robot at least in this test. It was able to clean relatively the same amount of dirt in around 6 minutes less.

While the V7S Pro has wider cleaning path and has a motorized brush, the V5 Pro has more power and two side brush which I think is the main reason why it did better cleaning the corner.

The amount of which both machines picked up is pretty negligible and this video shows you that even with less power the V7S Pro can pick up as well as it’s more powerful siblings.

Disclaimer: I got this product in exchange for a free review and I’ll do my best to only publish objective reviews that show the strengths and weaknesses of each product based on the myriad of tests I do.

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Post time: 12-09-2017