IMAGE IN COLOR: Metallic Color Mug Laser Heat Transfer Paper for Laser Printer HD

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Product #: MUGNE-LET Metallic Color Mug Laser Heat Transfer Paper, AIR MUG mug press.

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Transfer onto glass mug and color mug are never a problem no more, with just a few easy steps, you can now create custom design mug with our newest paper. Using our Air Mug pneumatic mug press mug transfer can never be so easy!!

Using stamping foil, you can now add metallic effect to your design.

Our Newest Laser Mug transfer paper, can help you upgrade your mug business. You can not only do White mug, but Color mug and Glass mug!!!


Specific Brand: AIR MUG, MUGNE-LET, Image In Color, ATT

Post time: 11-18-2018