The IMT separator functions on the basis of the density and shape of the intake materials. The motion of the single table deck creates both vertical and horizontal movements. The trajectory of each material type is different due to its density and shape, combining this with the selected speeds and angle of the screen, results in definitive separation..


Dry commingled household waste
Industrial/commercial waste
Light packaging waste
Construction and demolition waste

over multi-paddle separators

Single-deck system
No risk of music/video tapes or plastic fi lm etc. wrapping with drive components
External drive components and bearings
eliminate contact with processed material
Easy configuration to suit various types of material
Low maintenance requirement
Low purchase price and low running costs
Ready for connection, coming complete with electrical control system

Electro-hydraulic angle adjustment
Vibration and bearing monitoring system with data evaluation
Control panel with colour display and progammable logic controller
Flexible sealing around fi xed base frame on customer’s premises

Post time: 09-19-2017