India ‘s First mobile cover printing machine Made in India contact 9372462323

Made in India phone cover printing machine.

Print On Anything With Print Resolution Of 360dpi*720dpi*1440dpi.
This machine can also be used as mobile cover printer , T-Shirt Printer , pen printer , CD printer, mementos printer, key chain printer , ID card printer , PVC Printer , golf ball printer, sticker printer, Leather Printer, Wood Printer, Metal Printer ,GLASS Printer,PVC Printer, Acrylic Printer, Crystal Printer

Features of Mobile Cover Printer

1.Modern design, easy operation & convenient maintenance.

2.Equiped with white ink shaking motors.

3.Automatic head cleaning function prevents print head clogging.

4.Suitable for printing Mobile Covers, Corporate gifts and personalized gift items.

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Post time: 09-10-2017