iPhone 5s screen refurbishing process

It has taken a long time and many broken iPhone screens to get to the point where we can successfully refurbish them.

Almost all iPhone screens on the market are refurbished in my opinion so I came to the conclusion that with all the dodgy rubbish out there if I could source good quality parts and control the process myself I would end up with quality spares I could rely on.

I would rather that, than all the rubbish I have ended up with over the last few years when supplies have dried up and suppliers have been scraping the barrel and selling any old shite.

(of course now the market is flooded with copy screens with the digitizer built in to the glass, when the glass cracks it no longer responds)

There have been endless small details that have caused the process to take months to nail down, none of which I have highlighted here but I may do in future videos.

Thanks for watching.

Incidentally the music is “The Bleedin Noses” and “Weeping Eye”

Post time: 10-31-2018