iPhone 6 front glass professional repair in details

In this video I show the full process of iPhone 6 LCD refurbishing, that is:
• Removing the frame
• Removing the shattered glass
• Removing the polarizer
• Cleaning the LCD off the glue
• Applying the new polarizer
• Applying the new OCA film
• Applying the glass
• Applying the frame.

This is not the only way you can refurbish iPhone LCD. Here I use quite a lot of special machinery, the total cost of my set up is about $4000, and now, as I explored the process inside out, I may say that I could save about $1500 and buy a cheaper and less sophisticated tools, but it’s 2500 anyway…

As you may have seen in a different videos or know from your own experience, you may substitute OCA film with LOCA glue (a liquid), this process doesn’t require the vacuum press, but LOCA glue process is not easy to master: you either will have to be super accurate with glue, or change the backlight half of the times.

Another way to save some cash is working with old polarizer: this way you may expect that there would be some scratches on the old one caused by the glass debris.

Post time: 08-03-2017