iPhone 6s Proximity Sensor Fix & Replacement in 3 Minutes

The iphone 6s proximity cable replacement for when it has stopped working or goes bad. These directions show you how to fix an iphone 6s proximity cable. Get 6S proximity sensor here: http://www.directfix.com/product/IP-2916.html – You can replace the 6s proximity sensor ribbon cable assembly. The proximity cable also includes the 6s camera with it. – So if the camera is also not working you can replace that with one cable.

Below we have also listed all the tools we used in the 6s proximity repair video. Our step-by-step 6s repair videos are unparallel to any other directions on the market. No worries our support team is only and email away if you need help.

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Additional Information:
This video will show you everything you need to know about how to repair an iPhone 6s proximity ribbon cable with the proper tools and directions. Replacing your 6s ribbon cable is not a hard process and will only take a few minutes. If you broke the proximity sensor or it has stopped working then this video with the proper parts will allow you to fix it yourself. Fixing it yourself can save a lot of time and money dealing with Apple or iPhone repair shops. Just like all our videos we do our best to help teach you how-to repair the iphone yourself.

DirectFix and DirectFix.com assumes no liability for damage or personal injury incurred as a result of the information contained in this repair video. We recommends using safety first when working with any iphone repair tools, iphone pentalobe screw drivers, xacto knife, spudger, #00 screw drivers as seen in this video.

Watching this video does not imply any warranty or guarantee that you will be able to preform an iphone repair. Any injury or damage caused the device during the repair or from any tools used even if purchased from us are the sole responsibility of the user and not directfix. You are doing this repair at your own risk.

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Post time: 10-30-2017