JBUSA Sprinter 335R6 Pouch Laminator

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The James Burn U.S.A Sprinter is a professional six roller laminator that is versatile and easy to use.

The advanced heated roller system with adjustable speed ensures the highest quality lamination and trouble free operation. The six roller system is designed for laminating photos and digital images with perfect results.

The Sprinter can laminate three mil up to ten mil pouches and the extra wide 13-1/2″ throat will handle pouch sizes up to 12″x18″.

The advanced six-roller design features four heated and two cold rollers to ensure perfect document lamination without the use of a carrier.

The Sprinter laminator has a feature rich LCD control panel and display with a variety of custom settings

The temperature button controls the heated roller and offers variable heat settings.

The speed button controls the roller speed with variable speed control from one foot per minute to five feet per minute.

The reverse button will change rollers to run backwards to help clear any jams that might occur.

The Hot & Cold button allows for both thermal and pressure sensitive lamination.

There are two Memory settings for repeat jobs making set up simple and easy for any operator. Simply press the Memory Button and hold for five seconds. The LCD Display will flash, then just set the temperature and speed to the desired settings, push the memory button again and your program is set. To retrieve the program, just turn the machine on and hit the number key for that specific job.

The measure button displays the actual roller temperature.

The Sprinter offers an automatic cool down cycle. Just by pressing and holding the power button, this activates the cool down cycle. The cooling fans will continue to run until the machine has reached the correct shut down temperature. When the system is cooled it will automatically shut itself off thus preventing damage to the heated rollers.

The Sprinter has all metal construction with a smooth quiet motor that will offer years of useful life

The easy to remove top roller cover makes maintenance on the system simple.
Speed, quality lamination, and a feature rich machine; The Sprinter six roller laminator from James Burn U.S.A is the best in its class.

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Post time: 12-13-2018