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SC 3 Easy Fix – Steam Cleaner

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The Karcher SC 3 steam cleaner is part of the range of products developed by the world’s leading provider of cleaning technology.
The SC 3 is Karcher’s fastest heating steam cleaner and is ready to use in just 30 seconds and with all the accessories you need, this steam cleaner can be used to clean any surface.
Using nothing but tap water, the SC 3 deep cleans all round your home killing 99.99% of bacteria*
Using the extension poles, specially designed EasyFix floor tool and microfibre cloth ensures a deep clean on any type of hard flooring, including stone, laminate and vinyl.
A simple switch to the hand tool and you can continue easily cleaning all those surfaces that usually require a deep scrub. From tiles, work surfaces, cooker hobs and doors, to glass and shower screens, the SC 3 is perfect for them all.
The detail nozzle and brush lets you complete the job by getting to all those difficult, hard to clean places where grime and limescale builds-up.
What’s more, the SC 3 can be continually refilled so when the water level drops you can easily refill and continue cleaning without delay.
Once finished, the microfibre cloths can be simply removed and washed in your washing machine, The SC 3 can then be stored away with ease.
* Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner kills 99.99% of all common household bacteria on hard surfaces around the home.

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Post time: 09-05-2018