Laminated Glass Cutting Table – CMS Glass Machinery

Machine Features
# Tilting table;

* Hydraulic tilting feature of glass-loading table,
* Air cushion system,
* Pneumatic Breaker Bars,
* Heavy duty structure of the machine frame.

# Laminated glass cutting and breaking table;

* Manuel and automatic operation features,
* Double-sided cutting mechanism,
* Adjustable up / down cutting head oiling system,
* Laminated and float glass cutting function,
* Aluminium is utilised for high precision and stability of moving parts,
* Adjustable cutting pressure,
* Infrared resistance (medium wave),
* Automatic breaking of upper and lower glass.

# Positioning table;

* Reciprocating positioning system,
* Air cushion system,
* Heavy duty structure of the machine frame,
* Unloading arms.

Post time: 05-02-2017