Laminating machine for Samsung Iphone LCD screen repair

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1. Automatic vacuum laminating machine. characteristic is join in automatic guide rail,which makes the screen be placed in a tray,press the start button,and then wait for about 15-20 seconds,its very convenience and save trouble,its suit for big repair shop.

2. Semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine. compare to automatic vacuum laminating machine,only difference is using a general guide rail,so we need to Cooperate to use artificial,but the price is very economic and practical,its suit for small repair shop.

3. AIO vacuum laminating machine. this function more comprehensive,but it needs high technical requirement,and at least need 7-10 minutes per screen,this one efficiency will be much lower.

All in all, when you choose vacuum laminating machine should according your requirement to make decision.

Post time: 12-22-2017