Learn about the Barth VakuuCar+ XL – available through Rangate


Demonstration of the Barth VakuuCar+ XL, available in North America through Rangate.

The Barth VakuuCar is a mobile woodworking workbench with a vacuum clamping system.

This video shows the time-saving advantages offered by Barth VakuuCar+ XL. Save money, time, and your back with this durable, German-engineered workstation.

Rangate is proud to make the Barth equipment first available in North America since 2011. We have optimized our product logistics and is offering the complete Barth Multipress clamping machines and all material handling equipment including VakuuCar, VakuuSyst and Lift Tables for a permanent new lower price.

Post time: 12-31-2017