(M त्रिभुज) m-triangle Strange world in Hindi || mysterious place on the Earth in Hindi

(M त्रिभुज) m-triangle Strange world| this is video about mysterious place on our Earth .

For these researchers these days, the M-triangle of Russia’s Perm Province has remained an absurd puzzle. Near the 600 miles east of Moscow (Moscow), there is a village called ‘Molybka’ on the borders of the Perm and Sverdlovsk region near the Ural Mountains.

The entire area of ​​the edge of the Sylva River in the opposite direction of that village is called Molyobka-Triangle or M-Triangle in common language. The strangeity of this place is very similar to the notorious Bermuda triangle, due to this it is also called the M-triangle.

At some point of time, this area was considered as sacred for the local, Mansi people. This region, considered to be one of Russia’s most mysterious areas, came to light in the year 1980, when the mysterious voices began to be heard here. These mysterious incidents occur in the 70 square miles called the permeable area of ​​Marmora triangle or Param odd zones.

Strange incidents in this area of ​​Russia have become commonplace now. Here are ‘unusual’ incidents like normal events happening in daily life, such as the light beam coming down on the earth beneath the clouds of the sky, strange patterns flying in the air, from depths of thick forests Suddenly strange came out, but absolutely transparent things, sometimes the unique symbols and signs that are created in the sky, and all the strange sounds coming from the other world.

These sudden mysterious voices were named ‘Jarized Sounds’. For example, we can talk about the effect of the acoustic sound. If you are sitting near the burning woods in this M-triangle, then you will feel that a tractor is coming. You will be waiting for him to arrive but there will be no tractor near him and gradually the noise will decrease gradually-it will disappear.

The researchers also have to say that they recorded the sounds of traffic and the sound of such trains, which seemed to come out at the fastest pace, but it was astonishing that the nearest road was 40 km away from there … then Where did the voices come from?

There were several times without the sound of the orchestra of the instrument, and the odd signs and shapes appeared in the sky. After a few months of research, it has been found that the retarded person also becomes clever and clever after spending some days at this lonely place.

Every person coming to this place realizes the presence of some unknown and wondrous powers, as if he is a different world than this world. According to a unique example, a person who was totally unemployed and rejected by the army, after spending two weeks here, was selected for the job of a high-skilled astronaut.

Another strange thing is the use of mobile phones in this area. Despite the network of different companies in this area, the phones do not work, but there is a clay mound called a call box, which is possible to climb and call it possible. It was found that as soon as you climb on that small hill, you can call in any part of the world and the call is cut as soon as it descends from that clay pile.

It is a common sight to see strange flying squads like flying saucers in this place. In this area suddenly flames arise in the air in the area along the Silva River. The reason for this is that the field of oil is considered to be under the soil of this region, and flames of fire can arise after coming over the oil.

Even if this reason is taken into consideration by the scientific point of view, it will be said only as a mysterious and unusual event, unless it is proved. A Russian author, Alexander Myagchenkov, who has written a book called “UFO-Unannounced Visit” says, “Although the events happening in this area are hard to believe but still Comparisons can not be done by strange events that occur in any other part of the world, they are different from them. ”

Alexander also claims that those who come here to roam also occasionally experience amazing, superhuman abilities within themselves (while living here). Another Russian writer, Emil Bachurin, also visited here with his team.

His experiences he summoned in one of his books written on this subject. In this book he has told that during this time you can have strange, strange experiences. Sometimes they can be magnificent, and sometimes they can be thrower.
This is a Mysterious Place which is located in Russia, it is a new bizarre mysterious place that affects us in many other ways.This is the world in which aliens ship UFOs descend.Many times there is the sound of a mysterious.It is believed that there is a new world in which the aliens live.This place is considered to be very mysterious.Anyone coming to this place has a new power effect.Which is very mysterious.Several times here a light was seen which is very mysterious.Here it is counted in the most mysterious place of the world.This place is called m triangle.
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