Making a heavy-duty clamp for laminating

A video of how I make my heavy duty clamps I use for laminating wooden beams.
I start by cutting parts to measure from din c45 50x8mm steel rod. I use simple angle grinder . I use table grinder to chamfer the edges which will be welded together. I assemble all the parts and weld them as shown in the video.
I cut a 16 mm threaded rod to length of 14 cm and weld a nut to one end and grind the other end to a point using angle grinder and table drill press.
The pad I use for distributing force on the beams I laminate, is made from cca 8 x 12 x 3 cm piece of hardwood and 10x60x80 mm piece of steel plate. I drill 2 holes in opposing corners to fasten it to piece of wood with couple of screws. I Drill a small pit in the center to which pressure is applied when clamping.

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Music: Les toreadors from Carmen by Bizet


Post time: 10-07-2017