martian 220 // a tune worth sharing?

my cheap mr steele – style quad – around $300 build cost
user shared PID: “Martian RS2306 2400 KISS 1.3 RC25 24A 1.11b”

my tune went from like to love – I had to share:
Before ending up with this tune, rate and TPA, I tried many different settings on dozens of different racing quads.
This is the first one in a line of five martians I have build and repaired.

the rambling:
To me, the tune feels like chocalate-flavoured-peanutbutter-ice-cream with crisp and crunch ;)
Like having a TBS Vendetta and ImmersionRC Vortex build in one quad with less weight and more power.
Because of the weight, it drifts and drops supernice, but still can “go floaty” if you want to.
It is a very versatile setup – it can go fast and is fun on open terrain. It excels at smooth acrobatics and tight spots – it simply loves hugging trees.

the parts:
- RealAcc Martian 220 !LIGHT! (the white lamination)
u gotta love the red PDB with the proud chinese star
- RealAcc softmounts (two bags)
- 0,25qm and 2,0qm wire
- KISS FC 1.3 RC25
- KISS 24A ESC 1.11b (obviously 4 of them; the pricy part…)
- Emax RS2306 motor 2400kV (white top, red bottom – julyquad)
- TBS Unify Pro with ImmersionRc Spironet (TBS don’t come in red)
- Foxeer Arrow V3 (blue to fit the red and white – hail Emerika xD)
- FrSky XSR receiver (get the newer one or a smaller if you don’t need telemetrie – it’s just nice to have)
- the cheapest sack (lifetime supply) of piezo buzzers available in China
- a piece of foam (old packaging of tattu batteries)
- double sided tape (used the darkgrey/black Tamiya tape)
- CA glue
- 3D printet GoPro mount
all resulting in 400g dry weight with straps, props, GoPromount etc fixed and crashproof

how to set it up:
- load tune “Martian RS2306 2400 KISS 1.3 RC25 24A 1.11b” in KISS GUI
- custom TPA 0%-30% // 30%-9% // 47%-9% // 100%-100%
floaty: custom TPA 8%-10% / razorsharp: custom TPA 0%-5%
(only the middle two setpoints were changed)

rates used:
- pitch/roll 1.25 / 0.75 / 0.15
- yaw 1.45 / 0.71 / 0.07
be aware that all PIDs translate different on KISS flightcontroller when you change the rates drastically – as you can see, I left room in both drections for custom TPA adjustment for this and various other reasons (ex. I like different props…)

filtering and burning ESC:
I use LPF on very high on all axis, dynamic filtering on, yaw filter at 35% and looptime on 1000Hz.
“Better safe than sorry” – this is made for bashing, not for racing or freestyle competition.
I would leave only dynamic with softmounted motors etc – to keep it simple, I settle for the softmount fc and 3 zipties/pieces of tape plus two tubes instead of fancy mounting and locktite everywhere.

VTX antenna:
I recommend the vertical over the rearmount for your FPV antenna – having the antenna on the back does not work well in the forrest. It always gets caught in the propline and hooks the quad onto branches rather than pitching it up/tilting it back with vertical spironet.

receiver/vtx stack:
- the carbon plate with two pieces of doublesided tape
- VTX on top – make sure you see LED and can get the button; watch for the pigtail length, do not break or overstress
- receiver on bottom (make sure you can reach B/S button)
- one ziptie to fix

receiver antennas:
- cut two pieces of servotube
- slightly compress one end on each
- fidle the receiver antennas through the holes left and right of the spironet pigtail
- put the tubes over the antennas into the holes on the two plates
- pull/bend tubes 45° back and 45° to the outsides
- done

this flight I used GepRc5040 props(blue), SLS Quantum 60C 1300mAh (174g – but it’s white and got ooomph!),
recorded on 60fps 1080 GoPro Hero 4 Session

P.S.: I am pretty new to RC and all, but thrust me on this one: you won’t find easier build that perform so well.
I highly recommend this build and setup to beginners and even to rc newbies as well as to any skilllevel. Easier to build, easier to fix than any GT2 or Obsession style frame – and cheap: no AIO ESC, no cry!
After well over 50 crashes(maybe 100) during this years daily use, the bottom plate lamination and outer arms are heavily used and layers start to come apart – 3 standoffs are heavily bend due to impact forces.
The rocksolid foxeer v3 acts a bit glitchy; the lens popped out twice due to impact force.
The double softmount seems to help crash proofing the gyros on the FC and protecting VTX and receiver.
Two ESC burned because of physical abuse and dirtlocked motors.
Countless props and batteries have been destroyed beyond recognition. I’m in love with a machine – period.

Post time: 10-27-2017