Mini Size Autoclave Air Bubble Remover Machine

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This Bubble Removing Machine widely used for LCD repairing for Iphone Samsung HTC as well as the other cellphones,can fully remove bubbles.Using of pressure and temperature to remove air bubbles generated in the bonding process,this program will enhance the adhesion force between different material.

Characteristics of the equipment:
* Remove bubbles with high pressure,no damage to LCD
* Manual control,automatic removing,temperature,time and pressure can be set up
* Widely used for MAX 7inch LCD repairing
* Working wth 1p silent air compressor

1. Why there still have bubbles in it?
A. OCA glue is not completely closed with the the edge of the screen. The more air will entry into it under the pressure from this situation. (usually appears in the four corners of the screen)
B. The temperature is too high so that OCA glue make chemical reaction.Then many small bubbles appear. (small air bubbles usually appear in the middle of the screen)
C. The corner appears small bubbles,glass printing ink is too thick,and the OCA have bad absorption.There is a suggestion that choose another thickness and better stickiness of the OCA glue.Replace the glass maybe is the second chance.(White glass happens much more probabilities than black glass.)
2. Why the screen become yellow after sticking?
A. OCA glue.Bad quality to OCA glue.Pls change good one. (Generally happen not very often)
B. Defoaming machine.High presure forcing the screen from defoaming machine could cause this situation.(This probability is small, because the general air compressor outlet pressure is the maximum 0.8KG)
C. Laminating machine.Laminating machine is uniformly forced. (Often)

* Only confirm there is no pressure inside,then you can open the lid during use.
* Only continue to use after check your handles not thread slip teeth.Do replace it if slip teeth!
* Please pay more attention to the temperature setting during it work.Do not set too high!

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Post time: 09-30-2017