MMI Automated Mobile Phone Tester

MMI Automated Mobile Phone Tester by Orbis Systems

More Info:

Mobile Phone Tester (MMI Test Box) is an integrated test system designed for mobile phone testing on production lines. This compact system can perform various tests for mobile phones, including LCD display test, capacity touch panel test, audio test, keypad test, camera test and others. The system can be upgraded to test new mobile phone types by only changing the product specific adapters, which makes the upgrade fast and cost-effective.

Features of MMI Test Box include the following:

- Integrated machine vision, audio and CTP tests

- DUT camera tests (main camera and front camera)

- Provide action control interface, test sequences can be fully customized

- Product specific adapter design for easy upgrade to other product models

- Fully automatic, test process completes without participation of operator

Post time: 09-09-2018