Mobile Phone Lcd Air Bubble Removing All In One Iphone Screen Repair Machine ремонт дисплея

KSL is a leading company of mobile Phone Lcd Repair machine supplier, we devote to make the mobile phone repair simple and sense.
this video mainly use for the below two machine can use for refurbishing lcd screen: this is a video show how to repair broken glass lcd . refurbishing lcd screens.
1. build in vacuum pump lcd separator machine,( 7 inch)
2. ak pro 6 vacuum lamination machine and bubble remover machine( all in one)
3. 699 glue remover, cloths etc.
Now with the help of 4 in 1( glass+frame+oca+polarizer) iphone lcd glass and 3 in 1( glass+frame+oca), 2 in 1 (glass+frame), refurbishing process become simple and easy to make.
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below is a video about how to remove the polarizer with the mold:

Post time: 09-25-2017