Nancy-ps foam food box vacuum forming machine/Máy tạo chân không

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we are longkou Shuangji company, we has also exported many machines to the world such as
1) PE and PS foam sheet machine
2) EPE foam pipe/rod machine, PE and PS laminating machine
3) PSP/EPE recycle machine,
4) PS foam food box/tray/plate production line and so on.
5) Egg tray machine
6) eps foam board and box production line
7) air bubble film production line
8) XPS block production line

About the whole line of the PS food box machine, it contains three machines:

PSP foam sheet extrusion machine
Automatic forming and cutting machine
PS recycle machine

Besides the three machines, you also need prepare the auxiliary equipment

The work flow is as follows: raw material—(ps foam sheet extrusion line)—foam sheet—(food box forming machine )—food box—(plastic recycle machine)—plastic granulars( this part can be used as raw material)—-foam sheet.

I would like to recommend our middle capacity model 90/120 it is foam sheet capacity is 100-180kg/h.
its thickness is about 1.0-3.5mm, it is adjustable.

The automatic forming and cutting machine ,forming cutting,stacking are done in the same machine,labor saving,(1 to 2 is ok.)high efficient,low labour intensity
The recycle machine, it is capacity is 80-130kg/h to recycle the waste material to granual. Then you can mix with the fresh material to continue use.

Post time: 04-09-2017